Privacyverklaring Toko Pinasarap

Personal data is processed via the webshop Toko Pinasarap considers careful handling of personal data of great importance. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secure by us. In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and used and for what purpose. We recommend that you read it carefully.


Used of Personal Deatails

By using our website/service, you may leave a certain information with us. That maybe personal data. We only store and use the personal data that is provided to us for processing your order/purchase.

This privacy statement is mainly intended for those who use the website as a private individual (customers). We used the following data to process orders:

  1. Name and address deatails
  2. Billing address
  3. E-mail address
  4. Payment details


Our Contact Form

If you fill in a contact form on our website, or send us an e-mail, the data you send us will be kept for as long as the content of your e-mails requires for complete answering and handling. With this situation we collect: Your e-mail address



If you want to create an account, you must first register. After registration, we store the personal data you have provided via the username you have chosen. We store this information so that you do not have to enter it everytime you log-in,so that also we can contact you in the context of the implementation of the agreement,invoicing, and payment and to provide an overview of the products you have purchased from us.

We will not provide the data linked to your username to third parties, unless this is necessary in the context of the implementation of the agreement that you conclude with us or if this is required by law. In case of suspected fraud or misuse of our website, we may hand over personal data tot he competent authorities.

In order to register on our website, we ask fort he following information:

  1. Name and address deatails
  2. Billing en delivery address
  3. E-mail address



Your data will expressly not be provided to third parties unless this is immediately necessary fort he processing of your order. This information is only used to process orders as quickly and easily as possible, to inform you about the status of the order and to process the payment. Think of our payment service provider and our logistic partner. Social media buttons are included on our website. With this, the administrators of these services collect your personal data.


Third-Parties Websites

This statement does not apply to third-party websites that are linked to this website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We recommend that you read the privacy statement of these websites before using these websites.



We uses cookies to respond as well as possible to the information needs of our visitors. Cookies are small text files that store preferences ( such as login names, passwords and language settings) and behaivor (such as interests) on your computer while surfing. Cookies also ensure that websites loads faster and forms are completed automatically. Cookies only remember your preferences and interests based on surfing behaivor and not personla data such as name, address and age.


Data Security

Toko Pinasarap ensures an appropriate degree and form of security of your personal data. This is done, among other things, by certificates that encrypt data trafiic between your computer and Toko Pinasarap so that third parties cannot read the information.The Sending of personal data always takes place via a secure connection (https://).


Changes of Privacy Statement

We reserve the rights to make changes to this statement. It is recommended that you consult this statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.


Changes or Deletion of Personal Data

You can contact us for about access to and changes to (or deletion of) your personal data. If you want to make changes within your account, you can also ,make these yourself after you have logged in. Only persons designated to Toko Pinasarap access to your personal data.


The Cookie Law

We used various cookies, pixels and other technologies on our website. WE use these technologies to recognize you as a visitor,learn more about your interests and provide you with essential features on our website. We distinguish between different types of cookies:


Functional Cookies

These are cookies that are necessary fort he proper functioning of the webshop. These cookies ensure, for example, that you can create an account and that the website takes information from pages you have visited tot he next page. This way you don’t have to fill in the same information every time. The website remembers your preferences on our site, no prior permission is required for these cookies.


Analytical Cookie

With these cookies we can continue to improve our website, so that you can better find what you are lokking for and we can make recommendations based on your preferences. These types of cookies also include cookies that may be shared with third parties ( such as Google Analytics) to improve the site in the future.


Marketing Cookie

With these cookies it is possible, among other things to add our YouTube videos tot the product pages on our site.This way you get more information and tips about our products. Cookies are an essential part of Toko Pinasarap website to allow you to take advantage of all the features our webshop has to offer. Approved third parties, on our instructions, may also set cookies when you interact with our site. You can think of search engines and analytical services.